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A Slotted Compact Four-Port Truncated Ground Structured MIMO Antenna for Sub-6 3.4 GHz 5G Application

By Rayirathil Kadavath Athira Mohan and Kanagasabapathi Girirajan Padmasine
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 122, 267-277, 2022


A novel high performance four-port multiple input multiple output antenna is suggested for 5G application functioning at 3.4 GHz band. The antenna design measures an inclusive volume of 32 mm x 32 mm x 0.8 mm3. The broad frequency bandwidth, excellent gain, decreased interelement gap, and effective isolation within the MIMO components of the proposed system are clearly novel. Each antenna in the four-element MIMO system has been situated orthogonally to the others while maintaining a small size and good result. The antenna has exceptional average total efficiency in the 5G Sub-6 GHz spectrum and is in good agreement with the measured results. It also offers a high realized gain compared to prior MIMO antennas. The antenna has a high impedance matching whose isolation is about -28 dB, computed envelope correlation coefficient smaller than 0.10, channel capacity loss average value less than 0.2\,bits per second per hertz, and the diversity gain about 10 dB. The typical peak realized antenna gain of the offered MIMO antenna is also delivered with a high radiation efficiency at the frequency of 3.4 GHz. The reflection coefficient, mutual coupling, radiation pattern, current distribution, and gain of antennas are all measured and explained. The design has a compact high volume and adequate bandwidth with good accomplished gain making the antenna very strong for 5G application.


Rayirathil Kadavath Athira Mohan and Kanagasabapathi Girirajan Padmasine, "A Slotted Compact Four-Port Truncated Ground Structured MIMO Antenna for Sub-6 3.4 GHz 5G Application," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 122, 267-277, 2022.


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