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High Gain Substrate Integrated Waveguide Fed Yagi-Uda Antenna Array on Silicon Substrate for Multiband Applications

By Arnab Chakraborty and Shweta Srivastava
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 116, 265-275, 2021


This paper proposes a Yagi-Uda antenna array realized on a Silicon substrate and supported by a substrate integrated waveguide for multi-band operation in the K and Ka bands. The structure of the dipole and the first director of the Yagi-Uda antenna were modified and tuned for multi-band response, making it completely novel in comparison to the existing Yagi-Uda structures supporting multi-band operation. As the feed, a substrate integrated waveguide was designed to assist with multi-band operation and to overcome the challenges presented by the Silicon substrate. An array is implemented to improve the gain. The antenna array's prototype was constructed and tested to back up the claims. The proposed array operates at frequencies of 23.7, 26.3, 27.5-28.3, and 29.4 GHz. The array exhibits good end-fire radiation patterns for the resonant frequencies, with a peak gain of 19.65 dBi and an efficiency of 89.8% at 23.7 GHz. This is the first report of an antenna fed by a substrate integrated waveguide and realized on Silicon with a high gain and applications in the K and Ka bands.


Arnab Chakraborty and Shweta Srivastava, "High Gain Substrate Integrated Waveguide Fed Yagi-Uda Antenna Array on Silicon Substrate for Multiband Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 116, 265-275, 2021.


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