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Resonant High Quality Factor Translucent Lens/Monochromator with Adjustable Focus for Electromagnetic Absorbance Imaging of Micro-Biomolecules

By Reza Dehbashi
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 109, 39-52, 2021


Characterization of some biological materials relies on absorption imaging. In this paper, a highly translucent flat two-layer structure as part of an imaging system called spectrometer is proposed that has a very high numerical aperture (NA) and high quality factor (QF). The structure can be used to identify micro-biological materials with previously known absorption rate, under single-wavelength electromagnetic absorbance imaging. The proposed two-layer structure is composed of a double-near-zero (DNZ) slab coupled to a high-index dielectric slab with a specific thickness. In DNZ materials, both the permittivity and permeability are close to zero. The DNZ slab operates as a flat lens, and the very high-index dielectric slab functions as a high QF monochromator that at the same time increases NA of the lens without affecting translucidity of the two-layer structure. At the end, a transformation optics (TO) based nonlinear lens is introduced that can be replaced as the DNZ layer. The focus of the nonlinear lens can be tuned by tuning its material parameters.


Reza Dehbashi, "Resonant High Quality Factor Translucent Lens/Monochromator with Adjustable Focus for Electromagnetic Absorbance Imaging of Micro-Biomolecules," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 109, 39-52, 2021.


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