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Differential-Fed Log-Periodic Dipole Array with High Isolation for Wideband Full-Duplex Communications

By Tuan Nguyen and Tutku Karacolak
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 108, 79-87, 2021


This study presents a differentially driven log-periodic dipole array system with high isolation between reception and transmission ports for wideband full-duplex applications. The antenna system is composed of two pairs of log-periodic dipole arrays operating in the X-band spectrum from 8 GHz to 12 GHz. The system offers a low cross-polarization between E-plane and H-plane (less than -25 dB). The simulation results show high isolation S21 < -60 dB through the entire X-band while the measured results reach S21 < -45 dB in a reflective lab room. Furthermore, in order to verify the measured values, a modified 180º out-of-phase wideband power divider is used to feed transmitting and receiving ports. The second measured outcomes also attain total isolation greater than 45 dB for the entire band of interest. The proposed design is able to cover both orthogonal transmitted and received directions with reasonable gain values, high efficiency, and good impedance matching.


Tuan Nguyen and Tutku Karacolak, "Differential-Fed Log-Periodic Dipole Array with High Isolation for Wideband Full-Duplex Communications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 108, 79-87, 2021.


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