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Quasi-Static Analysis of Scattering from a Metallic Sphere Coated by Radially Anisotropic Material

By Muhammad Yousaf Iqbal, Aijaz Ali, and Qaisar Naqvi
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 109, 95-110, 2021


Theoretical investigation of optical properties of a metallic sphere coated with uniform layer of anisotropic dielectric material is conducted by studying its polarizability, scattering cross section, absorption and extinction cross section. The dispersive characteristics of metal (tungsten/silver/gold) are mathematically modeled through well known Lorentz-Drude model. A detailed analysis of the behaviors of polarizability, scattering cross-section, absorption and extinction cross section is carried out for different specific values of the radius and components of the tensor permittivity. The impact of variation of different parameters on location and magnitude of the surface plasmon resonance is highlighted.


Muhammad Yousaf Iqbal, Aijaz Ali, and Qaisar Naqvi, "Quasi-Static Analysis of Scattering from a Metallic Sphere Coated by Radially Anisotropic Material," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 109, 95-110, 2021.


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