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A Novel Complementary Slotted Split Ring Resonator Loaded Truncated Arc Patch Antenna with Enhanced Performance

By Shailesh Maroli Rao and Prabhugoud Iranna Basarkod
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 101, 203-218, 2020


This paper proposes a truncated arc patch antenna loaded with a novel complementary slotted split ring resonator (CSlSRR) in the ground plane. The antenna achieves wide bandwidth, circular polarisation (CP), and omnidirectional radiation pattern in the S-band. The electrical size of the antenna is 0.36λ0 × 0.31λ0, and the radiating metal dimension is 0.18λ0 × 0.21λ00 corresponds to f0 = 2.45 GHz). Truncated corners with a semi-circular arc produce CP with the inset feed. The CSlSRR helps in improving the bandwidth and miniaturisation of the antenna. The design achieves a size reduction of 61%. The fabricated antenna exhibits 12.3% impedance bandwidth (IBW), 4.07% axial ratio bandwidth (ARBW), and a maximum gain of 2.476 dBi at 2.75 GHz. The antenna prototype is characterised in an anechoic chamber. The paper carries out a comparison of the measured and simulated results and other reported works in literature.


Shailesh Maroli Rao and Prabhugoud Iranna Basarkod, "A Novel Complementary Slotted Split Ring Resonator Loaded Truncated Arc Patch Antenna with Enhanced Performance," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 101, 203-218, 2020.


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