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A Narrow Beam, Beam Steerable and Low Side-Lobe Reflectarray Based on Macro Electro-Mechanical Technique

By Reza Asgharian, Bijan Zakeri, and Mohammad Yazdi
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 100, 73-82, 2020


In this paper, an X-band, nonuniform and passive beam steering reflectarray antenna is presented. The beam steering is done with a small movement of a large element, i.e. the ground plane. The maximum ±7.5° beam scanning from the antenna broadside is achieved by only ±0.05λ ground tilting. In the proposed structure, the beam steering capability is provided by using passive elements that eliminate the need for active biased circuits. The linearity of beam scanning as a function of ground tilting is also investigated. Compared to the previous similar works, the antenna's half-power beamwidth and side lobe level are improved by about 9° and 20 dB, respectively. A primarily proposed reflectarray is fabricated to validate our claim.


Reza Asgharian, Bijan Zakeri, and Mohammad Yazdi, "A Narrow Beam, Beam Steerable and Low Side-Lobe Reflectarray Based on Macro Electro-Mechanical Technique," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 100, 73-82, 2020.


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