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Low-Cost Inkjet-Printed Multiband Frequency-Selective Structures Consisting of U-Shaped Resonators

By Özgür Eris, Hande Ibili, and Özgür Ergül
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 98, 31-44, 2020


We present design and computational simulation of multiband, polarization-independent, and thin frequency-selective structures for microwave frequencies, and their fabrication via a very low-cost inkjet-printing procedure. The structures are constructed by periodically arranging unit cells that consist of U-shaped resonators, while polarization-independency is achieved by applying rotational arrangements. Various configurations are obtained by considering double and single U-shaped resonators, as well as rotational and complementary relationships between the corresponding unit cells on the top and bottom surfaces. We observe that complementary arrangements provide resonances with better quality, particularly by allowing the smaller resonators to operate as desired. Measurements on the fabricated samples demonstrate the feasibility of both effective and very low-cost inkjet-printed frequency-selective structures with multiband and polarization-independent characteristics.


Özgür Eris, Hande Ibili, and Özgür Ergül, "Low-Cost Inkjet-Printed Multiband Frequency-Selective Structures Consisting of U-Shaped Resonators," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 98, 31-44, 2020.


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