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Design of Asymmetric Wideband Printed Dipole Antenna Using Inset Feeding Technique

By Khumanthem Takeshore, Sheilu Singh, Chandana Sairam, and Sukh Das Ahirwar
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 96, 87-96, 2019


In this paper the design of asymmetric wideband printed dipole antenna is presented along with measured results. The wide bandwidth covering 0.8-4 GHz is achieved using inset feeding technique. This paper also presents the techniques for achieving good omni-directional radiation patterns over the wide frequency band with deviation from omni-directionality within ±2.5 dB. This design offers more than 5:1 impedance bandwidth (for VSWR≤2.2:1), with good radiation efficiency and omni-directionality. The comparison study of symmetrical and asymmetrical printed dipole antennas with and without inset feed is presented in this paper. Thus, the proposed antenna finds a wide range of applications in trans-receive modes in today's wireless devices.


Khumanthem Takeshore, Sheilu Singh, Chandana Sairam, and Sukh Das Ahirwar, "Design of Asymmetric Wideband Printed Dipole Antenna Using Inset Feeding Technique," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 96, 87-96, 2019.


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