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Application of Symplectic MRTD with CPML in Analysis of EMP Propagation in Tunnel

By Guohui Li and Yawen Liu
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 96, 165-177, 2019


In this paper, the implementation of convolution perfectly matched layer (CPML) with good absorbing property is proposed for the symplectic multi-resolution time-domain (SMRTD) method, and a side-wall vault-top tunnel model is established by using the equidistant equation. The radian of the tunnel can be selected in the range of 0-π/2 according to actual needs. The absorbing performances of perfect matched layer (PML) and CPML are compared in the proposed tunnel model. In addition, based on the straight tunnel model and curved tunnel model with different radians, the characteristic of field cross-section distribution of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) propagation excited by TE10 mode is studied.


Guohui Li and Yawen Liu, "Application of Symplectic MRTD with CPML in Analysis of EMP Propagation in Tunnel," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 96, 165-177, 2019.


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