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Electromagnetic Wave Scattering from an Infinite Periodic Array of Hollow Conducting Circular Cylinders of Finite Length

By Hongchang An and Akira Matsushima
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 91, 1-13, 2019


An effective numerical technique is demonstrated for the plane wave scattering from an infinite periodic array of hollow circular cylinders of finite length. The cylinders are made of infinitely thin perfect conductor and allocated in the axial direction. We formulate the boundary value problem into a set of integral equations for the unknown electric current densities flowing in the circumferential and longitudinal directions. Employment of the Galerkin method allows us to solve simultaneous linear equations for the expansion coefficients of the unknown current, from which we can find the field distributions in both far and near regions. The procedure of analytical regularization makes the linear system into the Fredholm second kind that is contributory to stable and rapidly convergent results. Resonance is detected as abrupt changes in the total scattering cross sections for each grating mode, and it is accompanied by the formation of circular cavity mode pattern in the cylinder.


Hongchang An and Akira Matsushima, "Electromagnetic Wave Scattering from an Infinite Periodic Array of Hollow Conducting Circular Cylinders of Finite Length," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 91, 1-13, 2019.


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