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A Design of Broadband and Low-Loss Multilayer Antireflection Coating in THz Region

By Hsin-Yu Yao, Zih-Yu Chen, and Tsun-Hun Chang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 88, 117-131, 2018


An approach to the design and the realization of a broadband multilayer anti-reflection (AR) coating with high transmission is proposed in this study. A binominal multi-section transformer is employed to efficiently determine the thickness and the refractive index of each matching layer, while those layers can be further realized by doping different fractions of subwavelength-size silicon powders (for relatively-high-index layers) or air pores (for relatively-low-index layers) into the low-loss HDPE polymer host. Based on this scheme, we design a ten-layer AR coating for widely used silicon wafer. The designed AR coatings are double-sided integrated with a 375-μm-thick silicon wafer, which can enhance the overall THz transmission to higher than 95.00% from 0.250 THz to 0.919 THz (114.46% fractional bandwidth) for either TE-polarized or TM-polarized THz beam incident from an arbitrary angle below 50˚.


Hsin-Yu Yao, Zih-Yu Chen, and Tsun-Hun Chang, "A Design of Broadband and Low-Loss Multilayer Antireflection Coating in THz Region," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 88, 117-131, 2018.


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