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Diffraction Radiation Oscillator with Frequency Tuning on Mutual Coupled Modes in an Open Resonant System

By Ievgen O. Kovalov, Vladimir Miroshnichenko, and Yelena B. Senkevich
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 87, 1-11, 2018


The results of experimental research and development of the diffraction radiation oscillator with a periodic structure in form of a reflective double comb and with frequency tuning on mutual coupled modes in its open resonant system were presented. As an operating mode we chose the mutual coupled modes TEM002 → TEM101, which arise in the open resonant system with the shift between mirrors symmetry planes. To analyse its features, a rigorous electrodynamical 2-D model of the open resonant system was used, and the optimal shift width was established. As a result, the operation on the mutual coupled modes allowed to extend the frequency tuning range without failures in output power and to exclude the influence of higher-order modes (TEM20q, TEM30q etc.) on the output characteristics of the oscillator. The research has been carried out in Ka band.


Ievgen O. Kovalov, Vladimir Miroshnichenko, and Yelena B. Senkevich, "Diffraction Radiation Oscillator with Frequency Tuning on Mutual Coupled Modes in an Open Resonant System," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 87, 1-11, 2018.


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