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Hybrid Inductive Power Transfer and Wireless Antenna System for Biomedical Implanted Devices

By Reem Shadid, Mohammad Haerinia, Sayan Roy, and Sima Noghanian
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 88, 77-88, 2018


In this paper, we present a hybrid system consisting of a novel design of a microstrip antenna that can be designed to resonate at various frequencies within the ultra-high frequency (UHF) band (e.g. 415 MHz, 905 MHz, and 1300 MHz), combined with a pair of high frequency (HF) coils (13.56 MHz). The system is designed to be fabricated on an FR4 substrate layer, and it provides a compact solution for simultaneous wireless power transfer (WPT) and multi-band wireless communication, to be utilized in implanted medical devices. The external antenna/coil combination (EX) will be located outside the body on the skin layer. The EX has 79.6 mm-diameter. The implanted hybrid combination (IM) has 31.5 mm diameter. The antenna is designed such that by varying the position of a shorting pin the resonance frequency can be switched among three frequencies; therefore, the same design can be used for various applications. The system was designed using numerical simulation tools, and then it was fabricated and measured. The design was optimized while the performance of the system was numerically simulated at various depths inside a layered body model. Furthermore, the insertion loss (S21) and transmission efficiency (η) for both antenna and coil pairs at different depths were studied through simulation and measurements. The system provides a good solution for the combination of power transfer and multi-band data communication.


Reem Shadid, Mohammad Haerinia, Sayan Roy, and Sima Noghanian, "Hybrid Inductive Power Transfer and Wireless Antenna System for Biomedical Implanted Devices," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 88, 77-88, 2018.


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