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B 2-Spline Interpolation Technique for Overset Grid Generation and Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method

By Bong Siaw Wee, Shafrida Sahrani, and Kismet Anak Hong Ping
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 86, 177-190, 2018


In this paper, B2-spline interpolation technique for Overset Grid Generation (OGG) and Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) method is developed. B2-spline or biquadratic spline interpolation offers better accuracy compared to the bilinear interpolation. The two-dimensional (2-D) numerical simulations are carried out for electromagnetic (EM) field analysis to measure the scattered fields for an unknown object in a free space and a dielectric medium. There are 2 antennas utilized in this work, each antenna will become transmitter sequentially to transmit a microwave pulses while another acts as receiver to collect the scattered fields in the OGG-FDTD lattice. In order to analyse the efficiency of proposed method, the scattered fields that collected by receiver antenna will be investigated with relative error. The results show that OGG-FDTD method with B2-spline interpolation gives lower relative error than bilinear interpolation with 0.0009% differences in a free space and 0.0033% differences in a dielectric medium. Hence, it proves that OGG-FDTD method with B2-spline interpolation has ability to measure the scattered fields around the unknown object efficiently. For future work, the proposed method can be applied to inverse scattering for detection and reconstruction of the buried objects with arbitrary shapes in a complex media.


Bong Siaw Wee, Shafrida Sahrani, and Kismet Anak Hong Ping, "B 2-Spline Interpolation Technique for Overset Grid Generation and Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 86, 177-190, 2018.


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