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Scalable Preparation of Broadband Ultrablack Graphite Nanoneedle Surfaces through Self-Masked Etching

By Tingbiao Guo, Yaoran Sun, Sailing He, Jiang Yang, Mengzhu Hu, Wen Mu, and Julian Evans
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 81, 191-197, 2018


Ultrablack materials play an essential role in astronomical observation and many thermal applications. Many material systems such as vertically aligned carbon nanotubes have produced extraordinarily high absorption, but require complicated fabrication. Here we report a single step self-masked etching process performed on compressed-coal graphite plates on a silicon substrate, which produces an ultrablack material with 0.7% hemispherical reflectance in the visible region and specular reflectance below 0.7% between 850 nm and 10 μm. Nanoscopic pieces of silicon are ripped off the substrate and deposit on the graphite resulting in carbon nanoneedle structures, which grow linearly with etching time reaching a height of 5.7 μm after 60 minutes.


Tingbiao Guo, Yaoran Sun, Sailing He, Jiang Yang, Mengzhu Hu, Wen Mu, and Julian Evans, "Scalable Preparation of Broadband Ultrablack Graphite Nanoneedle Surfaces through Self-Masked Etching," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 81, 191-197, 2018.


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