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Efficient Dual-Band Asymmetric Transmission of Linearly Polarized Wave Using a Chiral Metamaterial

By Yajun Liu, Song Xia, Hongyu Shi, Anxue Zhang, and Zhuo Xu
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 73, 55-64, 2017


In this paper, a three-layered chiral metamaterial composed of three twisted split-ring resonators is proposed and investigated. The simulated and measured results show that the proposed metamaterial can achieve efficient asymmetric transmission of linearly polarized wave and cross-polarization conversion for two distinct bands: X (6.95-10.05 GHz) and Ku (15.55-18.47 GHz). In the X-band, an incident y-polarized wave is almost converted to a x-polarized wave, while an incident x-polarized wave is completely blocked from passing through the structure. In the Ku-band, an incident x-polarized wave is almost converted to a y-polarized wave, while an incident y-polarized wave is blocked from passing through the structure. Moreover, the simulated and measured results confirm that the proposed metamaterial has a good robustness to misalignment, which provides convenience for fabricating in practical applications. Finally, the physical mechanism of this dual-band asymmetric transmission effect can be explained based on the different resonant modes of the proposed structure.


Yajun Liu, Song Xia, Hongyu Shi, Anxue Zhang, and Zhuo Xu, "Efficient Dual-Band Asymmetric Transmission of Linearly Polarized Wave Using a Chiral Metamaterial," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 73, 55-64, 2017.


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