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Miniaturization of Microstrip Yagi Array Antenna Using Metamaterial

By Rhitam Datta, Tarakeswar Shaw, and Debasis Mitra
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 72, 151-158, 2017


An approach of miniaturizing planar Yagi array using metamaterial is presented in this paper. In this methodology, metamaterial structures are incorporated in the antenna in place of directors. An investigation in reflection and radiation characteristics of the antennas is done, and the findings are presented. The metamaterial loaded antenna shows improved directivity and efficiency of 16.3% and 2.95% with respect to the microstrip Yagi antenna while achieving a noticeable size miniaturization of 33.3%. Also, a better matching, compared to Yagi antenna, is observed in this proposed design. The fabrication and measurement of ones.


Rhitam Datta, Tarakeswar Shaw, and Debasis Mitra, "Miniaturization of Microstrip Yagi Array Antenna Using Metamaterial," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 72, 151-158, 2017.


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