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Spiral Photon Sieves Apodized by a Bessel-Like Window

By Jian Yu, Shali Xiao, Tao Yi, Jin Li, Zhiwen Yang, and Shenye Liu
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 72, 55-63, 2017


In order to improve the focusing and imaging effects of conventional spiral zone plates (SZPs), we design a new type of spiral photon sieve (SPSs) apodized by a robust Bessel-like window. The design principle and numerical simulation results show that the Bessel-like window has a better modulation effect on the main lobe compression and side suppression of the point spread function (PSF) than other traditional window. Taking advantage of the robustness of Bessel-like windows, the proposed SPS can achieve a higher spatial resolution and lower side lobe noise than the conventional SPS and SZP. The practical effects have also been demonstrated by image experiments on the micropore. Our work may find some potential applications in laser alignment, optical trapping, optical communication and edge enhancement imaging fields.


Jian Yu, Shali Xiao, Tao Yi, Jin Li, Zhiwen Yang, and Shenye Liu, "Spiral Photon Sieves Apodized by a Bessel-Like Window," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 72, 55-63, 2017.


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