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Design and Simulation of Fully Printable Conformal Antennas with BST/Polymer Composite Based Phase Shifters

By Mahdi Haghzadeh, Hamzeh M. Jaradat, Craig Armiento, and Alkim Akyurtlu
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 62, 167-178, 2016


A fully printable and conformal antenna array on a flexible substrate with a new Left-Handed Transmission Line (LHTL) phase shifter based on a tunable Barium Strontium Titanate (BST)/polymer composite is proposed and computationally studied for radiation pattern correction and beam steering applications. First, the subject 1×4 rectangular patch antenna array is configured as a curved conformal antenna, with both convex and concave bending profiles, and the effects of bending on the performance are analyzed. The maximum gain of the simulated array is reduced from the flat case level by 34.4% and 34.5% for convex and concave bending, respectively. A phase compensation technique utilizing the LHTL phase shifters with a coplanar design is used to improve the degraded radiation patterns of the conformal antennas. Simulations indicate that the gain of the bent antenna array can be improved by 63.8% and 68% for convex and concave bending, respectively. For the beam steering application, the proposed phase shifters with a microstrip design are used to steer the radiation beam of the antenna array, in planar configuration, to both negative and positive scan angles, thus realizing a phased array antenna.


Mahdi Haghzadeh, Hamzeh M. Jaradat, Craig Armiento, and Alkim Akyurtlu, "Design and Simulation of Fully Printable Conformal Antennas with BST/Polymer Composite Based Phase Shifters," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 62, 167-178, 2016.


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