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Dual-Band Circularly-Polarized Monopulse Antenna System with Single Layer Patches and Separated Feed Networks

By Mahdi Fartookzadeh and Seyed Hosein Mohseni Armaki
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 55, 43-52, 2014


This paper introduces a new method for the design and realization of two monopulse antennas with circular polarization and unique phase center for two different frequency bands. The design uses compact sequential-rotation serially fed 2×2 patch array for each section of the monopulse antenna for X band at 8.2 GHz and a patch for S band at 2.25 GHz. The patches are placed on one layer, and the monopulse network and feeds are placed on different layers. The antennas use sequential rotation serial feeds with four and three probes for X band and S band, respectively. Also, the packaging and coupling effects are considered and compensated for this design. Finally, the antenna with a compact multi-layer structure is fabricated, and the simulation results are validated. The bandwidth of X band monopulse antenna system is at least 12.7% in simulation and 10% in fabrication, and it is about 10.2% and 10.3% for S band in simulation and fabrication, respectively. While the phase centers of both frequency bands are approximately at one point, the antenna system can be employed as a feed for reflectors.


Mahdi Fartookzadeh and Seyed Hosein Mohseni Armaki, "Dual-Band Circularly-Polarized Monopulse Antenna System with Single Layer Patches and Separated Feed Networks," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 55, 43-52, 2014.


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