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Low RCS Microstrip Antenna Array with Incident Wave in Grazing Angle

By Wen Jiang, Junyi Ren, Wei Wang, and Tao Hong
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 55, 73-82, 2014


In this paper, a novel microstrip antenna array with reduced radar cross-section (RCS) in grazing angle is proposed and studied. We define that the grazing angle θ of radar incident wave ranges from 80° to 90°. Under the condition that the incident wave is in grazing angle, a microstrip antenna designed by the techniques of miniaturization and ground-cut slots is given firstly. Compared with a traditional rectangle microstrip antenna, the RCS peaks of the proposed antenna are efficiently controlled over the frequency range of 4~16 GHz. Based on the design above, the proposed antenna is chosen as an element to design a 2×2 antenna array. Analysis and optimization of the arrangement of the array is made to achieve more RCS reduction. The measured results of radiation performance accord with the simulated ones, which indicate that the proposed method is feasible.


Wen Jiang, Junyi Ren, Wei Wang, and Tao Hong, "Low RCS Microstrip Antenna Array with Incident Wave in Grazing Angle," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 55, 73-82, 2014.


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