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Design of a Novel Antenna and ITS Characterization in Frequency and Time Domains for Ultra Wide Band Applications.

By Mohamed Ershadh, Phani Krishna, Bhayaveni, and Savithri Subramanian
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 48, 69-76, 2014


A novel compact planar monopole antenna for UWB applications is proposed in this paper. The proposed novelty of the antenna is attributed to the addition of suitable beveled stubs to a basic circular geometry of the radiator as an improved impedance matching technique to achieve enhanced radiation performances. The feed circuit is a tapered microstrip line with a matching section over a semi-elliptical ground plane. The proposed antenna achieves sufficient impedance bandwidth for a VSWR<2 for frequencies from 3-15 GHz covering the entire UWB range (3.1-10.6 GHz), which is verified experimentally. Also this design achieves good gain, constant group delay and a near omni-directional radiation pattern over the UWB band. The UWB characteristics of the antenna are evaluated in frequency and time domains. Results reveal that the proposed antenna has flat transfer function, linear phase and good impulse response with virtually no ringing which are the essential requirements for an UWB antenna for efficient pulse transmission/reception. The simulated and measured results of these parameters are presented. The performance results of the novel antenna with other designs is also compared and presented.


Mohamed Ershadh, Phani Krishna, Bhayaveni, and Savithri Subramanian, "Design of a Novel Antenna and ITS Characterization in Frequency and Time Domains for Ultra Wide Band Applications.," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 48, 69-76, 2014.


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