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A Simple UWB Antenna with Dual Stop-Band Performance Using Rectangular Slot and Strip Line Ended Up Shorting PIN

By Mohammad Akbari, Meghdad Khodaee, Saman Zarbakhsh, and Reza Gholami
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 42, 83-94, 2013


This paper presents a new rectangle-slot antenna for ultra wideband applications with 3.5/5.5 GHz dual stop-band characteristics. The antenna contains a simple square radiating patch and a rectangle-slot ground plane, which provides a wide bandwidth from 2.6 GHz up to 14.1 GHz. In order to obtain dual stop-band properties at 3.5 and 5.5 GHz, a rectangularshaped slot is etched off the ground plane, and a strip line ended up a shorting pin is applied, respectively. The antenna is simple in configuration and has a compact dimension of 20×22 mm2. The proposed antenna is designed, simulated and fabricated. The measured results exhibit a acceptable agreement with the simulated data. The antenna provides nearly omnidirectional radiation patterns, relatively flat gain over the entire UWB frequency excluding the two stop bands.


Mohammad Akbari, Meghdad Khodaee, Saman Zarbakhsh, and Reza Gholami, "A Simple UWB Antenna with Dual Stop-Band Performance Using Rectangular Slot and Strip Line Ended Up Shorting PIN," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 42, 83-94, 2013.


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