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Remarks on the Measurement of Static Permittivity through a Classical Description

By Bernardo Tellini and Mauro Bologna
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 33, 95-108, 2012


In this paper the concept of static electric permittivity and its measurement are discussed. A classical description of polarization via a harmonically bound charge model is revisited and the evolution of the polarization concept in the presence of free electrons is shown. Various electrostatic problems are defined under ideal conditions. The measurement procedures for characterizing the static permittivity of dielectrics and conductors via the measurement of induction-electric field, charge-potential difference and electrostatic energy variation are discussed. Two basic experiments with a lossy dielectric are described. In one case we reach an electrostatic equilibrium with an indeterminate solution. In the other case we define a magnetostatic problem. Finally, we comment on the case of a laboratory experiment remarking on the proper use of the low-frequency limit of dielectric constant and showing experimental results performed on a supercapacitor.


Bernardo Tellini and Mauro Bologna, "Remarks on the Measurement of Static Permittivity through a Classical Description," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 33, 95-108, 2012.


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