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Null Steering Beamformer Using Hybrid Algorithm Based on Honey Bees Mating Optimisation and Tabu Search in Adaptive Antenna Array

By Omar Kaid Omar, Fatima Debbat, and Amine Boudghene Stambouli
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 32, 65-80, 2012


In this article, a new hybrid algorithm based on Honey Bees Mating Optimization (HBMO) combined with the Tabu Search (TS) for null steering beamformer in adaptive antenna array is presented. The proposed method HBMO/TS is applied to a set of random cases to estimate the excitation weights of an antenna array that steer the main lobe towards a desired signal, place nulls towards several interference signals and achieve the lowest possible value of side lobe level. Moreover, the proposed algorithm is tested and compared with two other wellknown approaches that are the Least Mean Squares (LMS) and Genetic Algorithm (GA). The abovementioned methods have been performed considering uniform linear antenna array and achieved by controlling only the phase of each array element. Results obtained prove the effectiveness of our proposed approach HBMO/TS.


Omar Kaid Omar, Fatima Debbat, and Amine Boudghene Stambouli, "Null Steering Beamformer Using Hybrid Algorithm Based on Honey Bees Mating Optimisation and Tabu Search in Adaptive Antenna Array," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 32, 65-80, 2012.


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