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Novel Design of Symmetric Photonic Bandgap Based Image Encryption System

By Nihal Fayez Fahmy Areed and Salah S. A. Obayya
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 30, 225-239, 2012


A novel approach for the design of image encryption system based on one stage of 3D photonic bandgap structure is proposed. Using the Finite Integration Time Domain (FITD) method, the performance of the proposed design is optimized through the utilization of the reflection properties from 3D photonic bandgap structure while maintaining constant phase encoding. To demonstrate the robustness of the suggested encryption system, root mean square error is calculated between the original and decrypted images revealing the high accuracy in retrieving the images. In addition, as the proposed system renders itself as easy to fabricate, it has an excellent potential for being very useful in both microwaves and photonics imaging system applications.


Nihal Fayez Fahmy Areed and Salah S. A. Obayya, "Novel Design of Symmetric Photonic Bandgap Based Image Encryption System," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 30, 225-239, 2012.


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