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High Performance Planar Sleeve Dipole Array Antenna with Directional Radiation

By Yanfei Li, Bing-Hao Zeng, Cheng-Wei Chen, Dau-Chyrh Chang, Z. R. Li, J. B. Liu, and Hsiao-Bin Liang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 21, 169-177, 2011


A planar sleeve dipole array antenna is analyzed and successfully implemented. The proposed antenna is designed for operation at 1800/1900 MHz band of basic station applications. To achieve sufficient bandwidth for the requirement of the PCS 1800 MHz band (1710-1880 MHz) and 1900 MHz band (1880-1930 MHz) for DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications), the proposed antenna comprises of a 1 × 5 coplanar back-to-back sleeve dipole elements, we adopt the microstrip line to balanced transmission line feeding technique in this design. This structure is easily constructed by printing on both sides of a dielectric (FR4) substrate. The measured -10 dB return loss (VSWR 2 : 1) impedance bandwidth is around 13.2% (1690-1930 MHz). A reflector is put behind the dipole array to obtain directional radiation and high gain, and the measured antenna gain for operating frequencies across the 1800/1900 MHz band is about 7.2-9.1 dBi. The measured results of radiation efficiency, radiation pattern, antenna gain and return loss show the sleeve dipole array antenna has a good performance.


Yanfei Li, Bing-Hao Zeng, Cheng-Wei Chen, Dau-Chyrh Chang, Z. R. Li, J. B. Liu, and Hsiao-Bin Liang, "High Performance Planar Sleeve Dipole Array Antenna with Directional Radiation," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 21, 169-177, 2011.


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