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Enhancements of Applications Entailing Higher-Order Floquet Harmonics of Penetrable Metallic Gratings with Bars Loaded with Conducting Fins and Stratified Dielectric Covers on Both Sides

By Malcolm Ng Mou Kehn
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 88, 19-34, 2020


There has been a presented modal approach for analyzing the scattering of plane waves that are incident on penetrable gratings with metallic fins lined over both exterior surfaces of each conducting bar to create flanged apertures, which altogether is covered on both sides by multiple dielectric layers. The new degrees of freedom afforded by the special complex geometry offer ways to improve the capabilities of various applications such as beam deflectors, resolution of spectroscopic gratings, grating couplers, and grating pulse compression/decompression, as shall be demonstrated herein for the latter two. All of these entail higher-order diffraction modes, which are advantageously studied by the aforementioned analytical tool. Outcomes of measurements on a fabricated prototype that agree well with expectations from theory are also presented.


Malcolm Ng Mou Kehn, "Enhancements of Applications Entailing Higher-Order Floquet Harmonics of Penetrable Metallic Gratings with Bars Loaded with Conducting Fins and Stratified Dielectric Covers on Both Sides," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 88, 19-34, 2020.


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