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Dual Feed Wideband Annular Ring Microstrip Antenna with Circular DGS for Reduced SAR

By Mahesh Munde, Anil Nandgaonkar, and Shankar Deosarkar
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 88, 175-195, 2020


In this article quad-band circular antenna is designed for multiband devices operated close to human body, and the investigation on parametric study for length of feed, width of feed, and length of ground is carried out. Specific absorption rate (SAR) is also evaluated and found to exceed standard limits for lower band. Further investigation to reduce the value of SAR leads to the design of an annular ring antenna with partial ground. Parametric study on the ratio of outer to inner ring radii is carried out to excite higher resonant modes and optimize the performance of annular ring antenna. SAR is evaluated for different bands, and 9{\%} reduction is observed for same dimensions of circular antenna with partial ground, but SAR still exceeds the limit for lower band. A novel approach of using dual feeds with half operating input power in magnitude and 180° out phase at each port for SAR reduction and performance optimization is presented in this work. Annular ring antenna with parametric study on variation in the ratio of ring radii and circular defect in ground structure is performed, and it leads to wideband operation, gain enhancement, and reduction in SAR. SAR reduction achieved is in the range of 66.93% to 82.15% in 1-gram of tissue and 64.43% to 82.20% in 10-gram of tissue at different bands and well within the limits for all the operating bands.


Mahesh Munde, Anil Nandgaonkar, and Shankar Deosarkar, "Dual Feed Wideband Annular Ring Microstrip Antenna with Circular DGS for Reduced SAR," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 88, 175-195, 2020.


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