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Channel Measurement Based Antenna Synthesis for Mobile Automotive MIMO Communication Systems

By Tobias Mahler, Jerzy Kowalewski, Benjamin Nub, Cornelius Richt, Jonathan Mayer, and Thomas Zwick
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 72, 1-16, 2017


In this paper a multiple input multiple output (MIMO) radio channel measurement system is presented that utilizes several software defined radio (SDR) platforms at the transmitter and at the receiver. The system hardware buildup and its calibration technique are presented. The channel measurement results are afterwards exploited for a special antenna synthesis method that was already proofed by raytracing channel simulations. The antenna synthesis method is applied to a mobile single and to a mobile multiple channel receiver. The resulting synthesized antenna systems are evaluated in terms of antenna radiation patterns and the corresponding channel capacities. The results reveal the superiority of synthesized antenna systems compared to conventional omnidirectional antenna systems in the considered urban street scenario. Moreover, the findings from the antenna synthesis based on dynamically measured MIMO radio channels confirm the results from the raytracing channel simulation based antenna synthesis.


Tobias Mahler, Jerzy Kowalewski, Benjamin Nub, Cornelius Richt, Jonathan Mayer, and Thomas Zwick, "Channel Measurement Based Antenna Synthesis for Mobile Automotive MIMO Communication Systems," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 72, 1-16, 2017.


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