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Effect of Snow Density Irregularities on Radar Backscatter from a Layered Dry Snow Pack

By Boris S. Yurchak
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 59, 181-191, 2014


The contribution of electromagnetic wave scattering on density irregularities in the volume component of radar backscatter was analyzed for a thick snow pack containing internal hoar/ice layers. To evaluate the effect of this scattering, Density Deviation Factor (DDF), a statistical parameter, was introduced into the backscattering coefficient using the ``slice'' approach. DDF is proportional to the intensity of the density fluctuation and inverse to the mean density. The inverse dependence of backscatter with accumulation rate was discussed based on the DDF parameterization of snow inhomogeneities.


Boris S. Yurchak, "Effect of Snow Density Irregularities on Radar Backscatter from a Layered Dry Snow Pack," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 59, 181-191, 2014.


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