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Novel Non-Direct Contacting Measurement Using Signal Transfer Model Extraction and Vertical Coupling Theorem

By Sung-Mao Wu, Wen De Chien, and Ren-Fang Hsu
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 55, 45-62, 2013


Traditional contacting measurement has numerous disadvantages, including high cost, high damage rate, low mobility, etc. In this study, to resolve these serious problems, a simiple, broadband non-contacting loop has been disigned to transmit and receive a signal. An equivalent dual-port non-contacting measurement model and a theorem of vertical coupling capacitance and inductance have been proposed. From the results of the dual-port model simulation and the fabricated sample measurement, a theorem of singal reconstruction and novel non-contacting measurement presented.


Sung-Mao Wu, Wen De Chien, and Ren-Fang Hsu, "Novel Non-Direct Contacting Measurement Using Signal Transfer Model Extraction and Vertical Coupling Theorem," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 55, 45-62, 2013.


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