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Some Peculiarities of the Spatial Power Spectrum of Scattered Electromagnetic Waves in Randomly Inhomogeneous Magnetized Plasma with Electron Density and External Magnetic Field Fluctuations

By George Jandieri and Akira Ishimaru
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 50, 77-95, 2013


Statistical characteristics of multiply scattered electromagnetic waves in turbulent magnetized plasma with both electron density and external magnetic field fluctuations are considered. Analytical expression for phase fluctuations of scattered radiation is derived using the smooth perturbation method. Correlation and wave structure functions of the phase fluctuations, angle-of-arrivals are obtained for arbitrary correlation functions of fluctuating plasma parameters and external magnetic field taking into account the diffraction effects. The evolution of a double-peaked shape in the spatial power spectrum of scattered radiation is analyzed numerically for both anisotropic Gaussian and power-law spectra of electron density fluctuations using experimental data. Phase portraits of external magnetic field fluctuations have been constructed for different non-dimensional spatial parameters characterizing a given problem.


George Jandieri and Akira Ishimaru, "Some Peculiarities of the Spatial Power Spectrum of Scattered Electromagnetic Waves in Randomly Inhomogeneous Magnetized Plasma with Electron Density and External Magnetic Field Fluctuations," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 50, 77-95, 2013.


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