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Studies on the Dynamics of a System of Bilaterally Coupled Chaotic Gunn Oscillators

By Bishnu Charan Sarkar, Chaitali Koley, Arun Kanti Guin, and Suvra Sarkar
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 42, 93-113, 2012


The dynamics of a system of two bilaterally coupled chaotically oscillating X-band Gunn oscillators (GOs) has been studied by numerical simulation and by hardware experiment. The effect of variation of the coupling strengths between two oscillators in two paths has been explored. The chaotic oscillations in two GOs have become synchronized in most of the cases when coupling factors (CFs) are around 20% or more. However, the transformation of chaotic states of the GOs to quasi-periodic ones has been observed for some values of CFs. A detailed numerical analysis on the instantaneous error parameters of the GO state variables is presented to identify different steady state dynamical conditions of the system. Experimental observations of the GO output frequency power spectra and the averaged product of the two GO outputs in the coupled mode confirm the occurrence of synchronization as well as quenching of chaotic oscillations for different values of CFs.


Bishnu Charan Sarkar, Chaitali Koley, Arun Kanti Guin, and Suvra Sarkar, "Studies on the Dynamics of a System of Bilaterally Coupled Chaotic Gunn Oscillators," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 42, 93-113, 2012.


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