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Higher-Order Statistics for Stochastic Electromagnetic Interactions: Applications to a Thin-Wire Frame

By Ousmane Oumar Sy, Martijn Constant van Beurden, Bastiaan L. Michielsen, Jean-Pierre A. H. M. Vaessen, and Antonius G. Tijhuis
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 41, 307-332, 2012


Uncertainties in an electromagnetic observable, that arise from uncertainties in geometric and electromagnetic parameters of an interaction configuration, are here characterized by combining computable higher-order moments of the observable with higher-order Chebychev inequalities. This allows for the estimation of the range of the observable by rigorous confidence intervals. The estimated range is then combined with the maximum-entropy principle to arrive at an efficient and reliable estimation of the probability density function of the observable. The procedure is demonstrated for the case of the induced voltage of a thin-wire frame that has a random geometry, is connected to a random load, and is illuminated by a random incident field.


Ousmane Oumar Sy, Martijn Constant van Beurden, Bastiaan L. Michielsen, Jean-Pierre A. H. M. Vaessen, and Antonius G. Tijhuis, "Higher-Order Statistics for Stochastic Electromagnetic Interactions: Applications to a Thin-Wire Frame," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 41, 307-332, 2012.


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