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E-Field Extraction from h -Near-Field in Time-Domain by Using Pws Method

By Blaise Ravelo
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 25, 171-189, 2010


A novel technique of the electric- or E- field extraction from the magnetic- or H- near-field in timedomain is reported. This technique is based on the use of the Maxwell-Ampere relation associated to the plane wave spectrum (PWS) transform. It is useful for the E-near-field computations and measurements which are practically complicated in time-domain in particular, for the EMC applications. The considered EM-field radiation is generated by a set of electric dipoles excited by an ultra-short duration current having frequency bandwidth of about 10-GHz. The presented EM-field calculation technique is carried out by taking into account the evanescent wave effects. In the first step, the time-dependent H-field data mapped in 2-D plan placed at the height z0 above the radiating devices are transposed in frequency-dependent data through the fast Fourier transform. In order to respect the near-field approach, the arbitrary distance z0 between the EM-field mapping plan and radiating source plan should be below one-sixth of the excitation signal minimal wavelength. In the second step, one applies the PWS transform to the obtained frequency-data. Then, through the Maxwell-Ampere relation, one can extract the E-field from the calculated PWS of the H-field. In the last step, the inverse fast Fourier transform of the obtained E-field gives the expected time-dependent results. The relevance of the proposed technique was confirmed by considering a set of five dipole sources placed arbitrarily in the horizontal plan equated by z = 0 and excited by a pulse current having amplitude of 50 mA and half-width of about 0.6 ns. As expected, by using the Hx, Hy and Hz 2-D data calculated with Matlab in the rectangular plan placed at z0 = 3 mm and z0 = 5 mm above the radiating source, it was demonstrated that with the proposed technique, one can determine the three components of the E-field Ex, Ey and Ez.


Blaise Ravelo, "E-Field Extraction from h -Near-Field in Time-Domain by Using Pws Method," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 25, 171-189, 2010.


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