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Vol. 12

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PIER Vol. 12, 371-419, 1996.

Electromagnetic Scattering by Buried Objects in the HF/VHF/UHF Frequency Bands

PIER Vol. 12, 335-370, 1996.

Research on Chiral and Bianisotropic Media in Byelorussia and Russia in the Last Ten Years

PIER Vol. 12, 303-333, 1996.

Mueller Matrices for Scattering from Chiral Coated Curved Surfaces

PIER Vol. 12, 277-302, 1996.

Asymptotic Expansions for Green's Dyadics in Bianisotropic Media

PIER Vol. 12, 251-275, 1996.

Finite Difference Time Domain Characterization of Indoor Radio Propagation

PIER Vol. 12, 219-249, 1996.

Scalarization Approach in the Theory of EM Waves in a Plane-Layered Bianisotropic Medium: General Formulations

PIER Vol. 12, 205-217, 1996.

An Alternative Approach to the Hertz Vector

PIER Vol. 12, 177-204, 1996.

Input Impedance Analysis of a Microstrip Annular-Ring Antenna with a Thick Substrate

PIER Vol. 12, 159-176, 1996.

Evolution Time of the Electromagnetic Wave Instability in Metals Under the Action of a Current Pulse

PIER Vol. 12, 133-157, 1996.

A Hybrid Formulation Based on Unimoment Method for Investigating the Electromagnetic Shielding of Sources Within a Steel Pipe

PIER Vol. 12, 107-132, 1996.

Use of Fractional Integration to Propose Some ``Fractional'' Solutions for the Scalar Helmholtz Equation

PIER Vol. 12, 75-105, 1996.

Modeling Multiple Interacting Small Apertures for EMI Applications Using the Finite-Difference Time-Domain Technique

PIER Vol. 12, 57-73, 1996.

Application of Wavelet Transform in Target Identification

PIER Vol. 12, 37-56, 1996.

Differences Between Modal Expansion and Intergral Equation Methods for Planar Near-Field to Far-Field Transformation

PIER Vol. 12, 1-35, 1996.

Minimization of the Coupling Between a Two Conductor Microstrip Transmission Line Using Finite Difference Method

Atef Elsherbeni, Charles Smith, and B. Moumneh