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Vol. 07

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PIER Vol. 07, 309-338, 1993.

Performance of Various Computers Using Standard Linear Equations Software

PIER Vol. 07, 265-307, 1993.

Electromagnetic Wave Analysis Using FD-TD and its Implementation on the Connection Machine

PIER Vol. 07, 247-264, 1993.

Solving Large Out-of-Core Systems of Linear Equations Using the Intel IpscÆ/860

PIER Vol. 07, 197-246, 1993.

The Moment Method Solution of Electromagnetic Scattering Problems on Mimd and Simd Hypercube Supercomputers

PIER Vol. 07, 157-195, 1993.

Integral Equation Solutions to Radiation and Scattering Problems Using a Coarse-Grained Parallel Processor

PIER Vol. 07, 111-155, 1993.

Solving Partial Differential Equations for Electromagnetic Scattering Problems on Coarse-Grained Concurrent Computers

PIER Vol. 07, 57-110, 1993.

High-Performance Computing for Finite Element Methods in Low-Frequency Electromagnetics

PIER Vol. 07, 23-55, 1993.

Progress in Cray-Based Algorithms for Computational Electromagnetics

PIER Vol. 07, 1-20, 1993.

Computational Electromagnetics and Supercomputer Architecture