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Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm Optimization of Frequency Selective Metasurfaces to Engineer Ku-Passband Filter Responses

By Kenneth W. Allen, Daniel J. P. Dykes, David R. Reid, and Richard Todd Lee
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 167, 19-30, 2020


Metasurfaces enable a new avenue to create electrically thin multi-layer structures, on the order of one-tenth the central wavelength (λc), with engineered responses. Altering the sub-wavelength spatial features, e.g. λc/80, on the surface leads to highly tunable electromagnetic scattering characteristics. In this work, we develop an ultra-wideband frequency selective metasurface (FSmS) that completely encompasses the Ku-band from 12-18 GHz with steep band edges. The geometrical structure of the metasurfaces is optimized by a multi-objective genetic algorithm mimicking evolutionary processes. Analysis is performed from one- to four-layer metasurface structures with various thicknesses. Computational electromagnetic simulations for these frequency selective metasurfaces (FSmS) are presented and discussed. The concepts presented in this work can be applied to design metasurfaces and metamaterials from the microwave to the optical regimes.


Kenneth W. Allen, Daniel J. P. Dykes, David R. Reid, and Richard Todd Lee, "Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm Optimization of Frequency Selective Metasurfaces to Engineer Ku-Passband Filter Responses," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 167, 19-30, 2020.


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