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Microwave Non-Invasive Temperature Monitoring Using UWB Radar for Cancer Treatment by Hyperthermia

By Ondrej Fiser, Marko Helbig, Juergen Sachs, Sebastian Ley, Ilja Merunka, and Jan Vrba
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 162, 1-14, 2018


Objective: In this paper we present a study of a novel method to noninvasively monitor temperature noninvasively during thermotherapy, for instance, in cancer treatment using M-sequence radar technology. The main objective is to investigate the temperature dependence of reflectivity in UWB radar signal in gelatine phantoms using electrically small antennas. Methods: The phantom was locally heated up, and consequently changes of signal reflectivity were observed. Results: An approximate linear relationship between temperature change and reflectivity variations was formulated. To show the potential of this approach we used an M-sequence MIMO radar system. The system was tested on breast-shape phantom with local heating by circulating water of controlled temperature. For two dimensional imaging the Delay and Sum algorithm was implemented for two-dimensional imaging. Significance: The article is a study of temperature measurement using UWB radar system for possible usage in thermotherapy.


Ondrej Fiser, Marko Helbig, Juergen Sachs, Sebastian Ley, Ilja Merunka, and Jan Vrba, "Microwave Non-Invasive Temperature Monitoring Using UWB Radar for Cancer Treatment by Hyperthermia," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 162, 1-14, 2018.


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