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Ultra-Compact Multi-Band Chiral Metamaterial Circular Polarizer Based on Triple Twisted Split-Ring Resonator

By Yongzhi Cheng, Chenjun Wu, Zheng Ze Cheng, and Rong Zhou Gong
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 155, 105-113, 2016


An ultra-compact chiral metamaterial (CMM) using triple-layer twisted split-ring resonators (TSRRs) structure was proposed, which can function as a multi-band circular polarizer. This ultra-compact structure can convert an incident linearly y-polarized (x-polarized) wave propagating along the -z (+z) direction to the transmitted left circularly polarized (LCP) waves at 7.28 GHz, 13.22 GHz and 15.49 GHz while the right circularly polarized (RCP) waves are at 9.48 GHz. In addition, the large polarization extinction ratio (PER) of more than 20 dB across four resonance frequencies can be achieved. The experiment results are in good agreement with the numerical simulation results. The surface current distributions of the structure are analyzed to illustrate this linear to circular polarization conversion. The unit cell structure is extremely small both in longitudinal and transverse directions. Good performances and compact design of this CMM suggest promising applications in circular polarizers that need to be integrated with other compact devices.


Yongzhi Cheng, Chenjun Wu, Zheng Ze Cheng, and Rong Zhou Gong, "Ultra-Compact Multi-Band Chiral Metamaterial Circular Polarizer Based on Triple Twisted Split-Ring Resonator," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 155, 105-113, 2016.


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