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Magnetic Field Induced by Wake of Moving Body in Wind Waves (Invited Paper)

By Xiaojian Zhu and Mingyao Xia
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 149, 109-118, 2014


A general procedure to evaluate the electromagnetic fields generated by moving seawater through the geomagnetic field is proposed. It contains two essential steps: modeling of velocity vector of seawater according to its dynamic mechanism, and solution of Maxwell equations under a stratified ocean configuration. Two kinds of motions are considered in this work, wind-driven waves and wakes due to a moving body. The ocean is taken to be infinitely deep at the moment. Both the velocity vector and magnetic field are expressed as a superposition of sinusoidal waves. Simulation results show that the magnetic fields produced by moderate wind waves or a middle-size body moving at moderate speed are on the order of one hundred pico-Tesla near the sea level. The spectrum characteristics of the two kind magnetic anomalies are distinct.


Xiaojian Zhu and Mingyao Xia, "Magnetic Field Induced by Wake of Moving Body in Wind Waves (Invited Paper)," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 149, 109-118, 2014.


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