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Chiral Metamaterial Based Multifunctional Sensor Applications

By Muharrem Karaaslan and Mehmet Bakir
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 149, 55-67, 2014


In this work, sensor abilities of a chiral metamaterial based on split ring resonators with double splits (SRDS) are demonstrated both theoretically and experimentally in X band range. This study is based on transmission measurements and simulations monitoring the resonance frequency changes with respect to the thickness of the sensing layer and permittivity values. Experimental and simulated results show that the resonance frequency of the chiral metamaterial based SRDS sensor is linearly related to permittivity and the thickness of the sensor layer which creates a suitable approach for sensing environment and organic parameters. When the sensor layer filled with the related material, changes in the tissue temperature, sand humidity and calcium chloride density lead to resonance frequency changes. The physical mechanisms are explained by using both equivalent circuit model and the fundamental sensitivity theorem of chiral sensors. This is the first study as a sensing mechanism based on the chiral metamaterials in X band range.


Muharrem Karaaslan and Mehmet Bakir, "Chiral Metamaterial Based Multifunctional Sensor Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 149, 55-67, 2014.


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