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A 3-Dimensional Stacked Metamaterial Arrays for Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting

By Thamer Almoneef and Omar M. Ramahi
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 146, 109-115, 2014


We present the design of 3-D metamaterial stacked arrays for efficient conversion of electromagnetic waves energy into AC. The design consists of several vertically stacked arrays where each array is comprised of multiple Split-Ring Resonators. The achieved conversion efficiency is validated by calculating the power dissipated in a resistive load connected across the gap of each resonator. Numerical simulations show that using stacked arrays can significantly improve the efficiency of the harvesting system in comparison to a flat 2-D array. In fact, the per-unit-area efficiency of the 3-D design can reach up to 4.8 times the case of the 2-D array. Without loss of generalization, the designs presented in this work considered an operating frequency of 5.8 GHz.


Thamer Almoneef and Omar M. Ramahi, "A 3-Dimensional Stacked Metamaterial Arrays for Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 146, 109-115, 2014.


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