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Surface Plasmon Resonance Phase-Sensitive Imaging (Spr-Pi) Sensor Based on a Novel Prism Phase Modulator

By Gaoao Ye, Wei Yang, Li Jiang, and Sailing He
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 145, 309-318, 2014


A novel prism phase modulator (PPM) for phase difference modulation between pand s-polarization lights in a surface plasmon resonance phase-sensitive imaging sensor is proposed in this paper. The PPM consists of a rhombic prism (to obtain a curve of phase difference between the two polarizations), a rotation stage and a mirror. The PPM shows great modulation stability and helps to achieve a high detection resolution. Surface plasmon resonance phase imaging is realized with a microfluidic device and a CCD camera. Experimental result shows that the detection resolution of our SPR-PI sensor based on phase-interrogation method is 7.61×10-7 RIU with hydrous samples, which is 16 times improved compared with that based on intensity-interrogation. Real-time monitoring of the interaction between Angiogenin and anti-Angiogenin is also illustrated.


Gaoao Ye, Wei Yang, Li Jiang, and Sailing He, "Surface Plasmon Resonance Phase-Sensitive Imaging (Spr-Pi) Sensor Based on a Novel Prism Phase Modulator," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 145, 309-318, 2014.


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