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Reduction of Radar Cross Section Based on a Metasurface

By Jie Chen, Qiang Cheng, Jie Zhao, Di Sha Dong, and Tie-Jun Cui
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 146, 71-76, 2014


A metasurface for Radar Cross Section (RCS) reduction is proposed. The surface is composed of the same type of metamaterial units with different geometric dimensions, leading to various reflection phases under the incidence of plane waves. By carefully choosing the phase distributions, diffusion will be produced for the reflected waves which may redistribute the scattering energy from the surface toward all the directions, and hence it can be applied as the coating of metallic targets with ultra-low RCS. Both the simulated and experimental results have validated the proposed method.


Jie Chen, Qiang Cheng, Jie Zhao, Di Sha Dong, and Tie-Jun Cui, "Reduction of Radar Cross Section Based on a Metasurface," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 146, 71-76, 2014.


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