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Vectorial Electric Field Monte Caro Simulations for Focused Laser Beams (800 Nm -2220 Nm ) in a Biological Sample

By Fuhong Cai, Jiaxin Yu, and Sailing He
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 142, 667-681, 2013


Here we develop a method that combines vectorial electric field Monte Carlo simulation with Huygens-Fresnel principle theory to determine the intensity distribution of a focused laser beam in a biological sample. The proper wavelengths for deep tissue imaging can be determined by utilizing our method. Furthermore, effects of anisotropic factor, scattering and absorption coefficients on the focal spots are analyzed. Finally, the focal beams formed by objective lenses with different values of numerical aperture are also simulated to study the focal intensity in the biological sample.


Fuhong Cai, Jiaxin Yu, and Sailing He, "Vectorial Electric Field Monte Caro Simulations for Focused Laser Beams (800 Nm -2220 Nm ) in a Biological Sample," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 142, 667-681, 2013.


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