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Analytical Calculation of the Inductance of Planar Zig-Zag Spiral Inductors

By Leonardo Sandrolini, Ugo Reggiani, and Giovanni Puccetti
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 142, 207-220, 2013


An analytical procedure for the calculation of the inductance of planar zig-zag spiral inductors is proposed. The procedure is based on the partial inductance concept and models the inductor as a series of a number of parts. The self-inductance of each individual part, which has the shape of a parallelogram, and the mutual inductance between any two parts of the inductor are determined. The inductance of a planar zig-zag spiral inductor can thus be obtained for any width, length and angle of the saw-tooth configuration. The procedure is validated with experimental measurements; the agreement between estimated and measured inductances is very good.


Leonardo Sandrolini, Ugo Reggiani, and Giovanni Puccetti, "Analytical Calculation of the Inductance of Planar Zig-Zag Spiral Inductors," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 142, 207-220, 2013.


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