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In-Situ Large Area Fabrication of Metamaterials on Arbitrary Substrates Using Paint Process

By Pramod Singh, Christopher Mutzel, Samuel MacNaughton, and Sameer Sonkusale
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 141, 117-133, 2013


This paper proposes a novel method to make large area metamaterials on arbitrary planar hard or flexible substrates, in-situ. The method is based on painting the desired substrate with metallic and dielectric paints through a patterned stencil mask. We demonstrate this painting approach to fabricate ultra-thin perfect electromagnetic absorbers based on metamaterials at X-band frequencies (8-12 GHz) with paper based stencils, silver ink and latex paint. Measurement results on absorber samples made with this process shows absorption of 95%-99%, in close agreement with simulation results. The proposed painting approach is a simple low cost additive manufacturing process that can be used to realize metamaterial based frequency selective surfaces and filters, radar absorbers, camouflage screens, electromagnetic sensors and EMI protection devices.


Pramod Singh, Christopher Mutzel, Samuel MacNaughton, and Sameer Sonkusale, "In-Situ Large Area Fabrication of Metamaterials on Arbitrary Substrates Using Paint Process," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 141, 117-133, 2013.


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